Company sum all wants you to stop being a loser. In social networks, understand yourself. And, for this reason. He wants to help you attract loyal followers and, above all, keep them. With the aim of providing the keys to Senegal Phone Number being successful on social networks. He has prepared an infographic in which he reveals. The 12 guidelines that must be followed in order not to Senegal Phone Number lose followers. These are: 1.- do not overwhelm your audience. He says it very clearly. Kittens are adorable and your followers will love that you post pictures of them. But they don’t need to see every move they make: sleeping. Eating, doing their business…2.- respond in 30 minutes. If you want to keep a follower, listen to him. Specifically within the 30 minutes in. Which he wrote to you.3.- use hashtags with discipline.

Learn How to Use This Powerful Tool and Use It Wisely. 4.- 80%

Entertainment + 20% sales. If you generate interesting content. For your followers, they will probably be receptive when you. Need them to Senegal Phone Number List come to you.5.- address them directly. Like you. The other users are flesh and blood people who. Will appreciate it if you address them using the words “we” and “you”. 6.- do not send automatic direct messages. Users hate it, did you know that?7.- tweet so they can reply to you. Count the number of characters in your tweets, making sure.

To Leave Room for a Possible Response From a Follower.8.- Do

Senegal Phone Number List

Not label without permission. Unless you want to be called a spammer .9.- always quote the sources. Your followers will appreciate that you are honest in your information.10.- avoid #tagsforlikes and the Senegal Phone Number like.11.- measure the frequency of your posts . Analyze the habits of your audience to generate more engagement .12.- you will receive what you sow . In the Senegal Phone Number network, you will get what you have given. If you have put in enough time and effort, it will most likely pay off.

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