The image of a professional is not only measured by his or her experience. But also by what is known about him or her on social networks. Santiago, chile social networks are an exceptional tool in communication terms. They allow us contact with almost everyone and their possibilities. Social and work but it is good to Mali B2b List remember that this environment. Also includes our own promotion as professionals. For the same reason there are mistakes that can be fatal for your career. If you relax too much in certain areas of network communication. More related notes 4 mistakes you are making on social media. That go against your brand social media can kill your career social media. Etiquette rules private photographs and/or excessive relaxation . Intimate photos and their alleged leaking are all the Mali B2b List rage. As a marketing tool (in dubious taste, by the way).

For Some Celebrities Trying to Get Noticed A Professional

who aspires to have a serious work team cannot afford. To Mali B2b List appear in publications scantily clad. Dancing on the table or with a bottle of liquor in hand. Am I exaggerating? Nobody is against these activities but the Mali B2b List ideal is that. They do not appear on social networks because they will become public. Offensive language you can give your opinion about anything. On social networks but no matter how angry you are against. A situation avoid offensive language in general. The people or entities to which it is dedicated will not read it. But your potential employers will.

And What Do You Think of Someone Who Publicly Offends Another?

Mali B2b List

Breaking confidentiality and badmouthing former bosses. As in the previous error, there are many people. Who seek to Mali B2b List vent against their former bosses on social networks. They speak ill of themselves of the company and worse. They refer to confidential matters of the Mali B2b List same which is usually a great misunderstanding. If a future employer reviews your writings he will surely think that. Sooner or later, you will also reveal his secrets on social networks. Why shouldn’t you do it with that background in sight?

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