We list three social media paradigms that could herald. The beginning of the end for social networks at least as we know them now. Social media marketing has been a valuable. Ally for brands for a decade. Since then. This environment has been championed by social networks. A space that, led by renowned firms. Such as facebook, twitter or youtube Promises new spaces to connect with. Target audiences from much more personal. And immediate edges that favor two-way dialogue. In this way, it is not surprising that the investments made by brands in these efforts are increasing.
According to data projected by statista, investment in social media advertising for the end of 2018 is expected to exceed 51.3 billion dollars, only behind search advertising.

Although Affirming This Would Be Too Risky an Error, It Is

True that there are some changes that could put on the table a theory of stagnation for social networks, a situation that should alert brands to Buy Lebanon Whatsapp Numbers the possible need to explore new paths to conquer the consumer. In this sense, based on an analysis provided by. We list three social media paradigms that could herald the beginning of the end for social networks, at least as we know them now:Neither backwards nor forwards: the status quo has arrived. After several years of changes, the appearance of new social networks and their evolution, according to said analysis, a moment of stability has been reached. Social networks have stagnated in the last two or three years.


Bots and Other Intelligence Systems Promise to Be Great

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Allies for managing a brand on social networks. Experts indicate that these resources can be key to improving the user experience.
However, the line between the correct use of these tools and their misuse is very thin. Brands and platforms must be cautious in this regard so as not to turn a tool that promises great benefits into an element that is valuable. Although this is nothing new, the truth is that we have seen how the use of these systems has been a problem for large social networks such as YouTube or Twitter.

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