We know that the world is increasingly turning to digital. Today it is a fundamental part of the commerce. Marketing and communication strategies of most brands. One of the fields that is growing incessantly is Big Data. Because it allows to know in a deeper way the audience that one wants to address. Let us remember that, according to specialists. Big Data refers to the accumulation. Ecosystem through the Internet , a resource that is invaluable for brands

Hence, This Field Does Not Stop Growing Year After Year,

Only by the end of this 2017, it is expected that the annual income for this global market will reach 33 thousand 500 million dollars , with predictions that suggest that this could double. in the contact number list india next four years, according to projected data in Statista. Here are three ways you can see them: We know that the traveler will always look for the best prices for both flights and lodging, regardless of whether they do it through airlines, hotel chains or specialized sites or applications. Companies are aware of this and have used big data analytics for years, with the aim of identifying the maximum price they can charge at a given time and in different sales that remain competitive. According to James Paine, founder of West Realty Advisors.

The Change That Has Been Seen In Recent Years Is That Consumers

Are starting to use big data to their advantage. Currently, hotel chains or lodging services no longer necessarily have. To consult with their clients about their needs or interests, today with. The help of big data it is possible to reach predictive. According to data analytics expert. The competitive advantage in this industry lies in “the ability to proactively anticipate and meet customer needs.

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