That model did not solve the structural Poland B2B Email Lists problems of the continent and progressively plunged the Latin American and Caribbean working classes into overexploitation, poverty, unemployment and, logically, into anger and despair. The political parties suffered a progressive crisis of representation, while losing Poland B2B Email Lists contact with the citizenry. The disconnection between Latin American societies and the democratic system resulted in outbreaks of social frustration: from the “let everyone go” (Argentina, 2001), to the movement Poland B2B Email Lists of the “outlaws” (Ecuador, 2005) and the “rebellion of the penguins ”(Chile, 2011).

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The negative economic context and the Poland B2B Email Lists spiral of social demands not attended to in 2019 caused a wave of protests of regional scope and new episodes of social frustration, especially in the new, highly vulnerable middle classes, which overwhelmed the weak Poland B2B Email Lists democratic systems, with apparatus aging states and fragmented party systems. This leads to a moment that we would call “asymmetric and obsolete democracies”: asymmetric because they respond to the needs of a minority sector of society, which seeks to maintain power at any cost Poland B2B Email Lists and distances itself from the majority of the population that produces the wealth.


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But fails to question hegemony; and obsolete, because they are Poland B2B Email Lists democracies whose institutions and procedures were consolidated in a past historical moment and where their own parents, persuaded that they no longer serve, only maintain them as stagnant electoral Poland B2B Email Lists discourse, but in fact replace them with coercive mechanisms and decisions. authoritarian. Latin American democracies do not channel demands or find solutions to growing social frustration. What they do is develop demagogic and authoritarian political alternatives, with Poland B2B Email Lists models that are remote, even contrary, to democratic values ​​(respect for the adversary and acceptance of the results).

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