Marketeer and periscope are two apps that are fighting for leadership. In live video streaming on smartphones we will still have to Uganda B2b List wait which. One will win or if a third option will emerge to defeat them. But for now it is a good time to pay attention to these applications that are part. Of a trend that does not seem to stop. Mexico marketeer and periscope are two apps that fight for leadership. In live video transmission through smartphones. We will still have to wait which one will win or if a third option will emerge. To Uganda B2b List defeat them but for now it is a good time to pay attention. To these applications that are part of a trend that does not seem to stop. More related notes periscope the new tool of “Piracy” on the internet face book.

They Are Used to Create and Share Special Content Live Video

At your fingertips. To view and generate content offers a new window to connect. With consumers and the Uganda B2b List general public. Some media and event organizers use periscope and meerkat. To broadcast backstage scenes press conferences from a more personal perspective. Conferences and openings they are not a new idea but an efficient one. Streaming video is not something new tools like ustream. Twitcam and youtube have existed for years to Uganda B2b List present live images. But here the difference is that now it can be done with a smartphone. And display the content directly on twitter. The ease with which any type of live event can be broadcast is. The key to the success of both apps.

Requires More Creativity Than Monetary Investment Before

Uganda B2b List

To stream video, you had to use dedicated equipment. Such as hd-quality webcams, a laptop, and more. Now, with periscope and meerkat, companies looking to share content only require a smartphone. With a good internet connection and a creative and competent person. To Uganda B2b List transmit video. That means that the investment that brands. Companies or agencies must make is less and the result can be better. Brands media and celebrities already use them it is known that if you want. To popularize something, sometimes it is enough for a celebrity to use it. Such is the Uganda B2b List case of periscope, which has been used by singers like katy perry. Which increased the public’s attention to the app.

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