Although Android and iOS are constantly improving their. Operating systems, vulnerabilities always arise that are later. Exploited by hackers, especially when smartphones make. purchases or payments with their bank details. According to Fast Company, hackers tend to attack smartphones more when purchasing plane tickets, concerts, sporting events or travel in any modality, so today more measures must be taken than ever, since Mobile payment systems are a trend, however, when detecting an attack or data movement, a mobile phone user must take the following actions: Report it to your company. To your telecommunications service company and other companies where an amount or service has been stolen from you, since these are digital copies that can be stolen and can cause you to lose the physical ticket.

If you plan to exchange it. As if it were a credit card, the best

Way to prevent it is to report it as soon as possible. Be careful with screenshots. QR codes are usually used in tickets or services, which are as important as if they were a password, so it must have the same importance so as not to WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists be shared in messaging services or on social networks. Also, as a user you should avoid sharing any code. On Twitter, Facebook, as they could be used by computer thieves. Keep your smartphone free from malware.

Malware or viruses on smartphones could capture images

Of conversations, emails, as well as captures when making payments. It is recommended to have phones with patches. Bluetooth block. To keep passwords secure, it is recommended to have turned off or disconnected. Or disabled when not in use, since there are mobile viruses that pass from. One device to another through ports, which can be easily infected.

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