Basic keys that you must consider when building a global. Content strategy mexico df the Egypt Phone Number growth and consolidation. Of digital platforms as well as the possibilities that they. Imply in terms of scope, are aspects that erase the physical borders of the markets. Thanks to which it is possible for brands to think of global business strategies. Related notes: why is audiovisual gaining ground in marketing?3 benefits that you may not know you can get with content marketing3. Reasons why your posts are not viral. In this game, content is a unique key to connect with new markets. As it allows you to Egypt Phone Number approach potential customers organically through topics of interest. However, despite the fact that content generation. In marketing is not something new.

Content Marketing Is a Topic That Still Has Many Aspects to

Explore and exploit. so generating a global content strategy requires considering various aspects. A life well lived: the flight of the Egypt Phone Number Syrian video game developer. In this way, according to the information exposed during the Content Marketing Summit 2015 , we share the five basic keys that you must consider when building a global content strategy: -Generate local interest. Although it seems obvious, it is necessary to take into account the Egypt Phone Number List characteristics of each target as well as the features of the market in which you want to enter. It is likely that what is of interest in Spain is not so in Mexico or that the same issue becomes relevant when viewed from different perspectives. Analyze the penetration of digital platforms.

Web World Although There May Be Coincidences in Terms of

Egypt Phone Number List

Topics of interest, it is necessary to land each content in the region in which you want to venture. It is easy to think that, for example, Google is the search engine par excellence in the world. However, in Asia this platform is displaced by Yahoo! Considering this point will be vital to define which will be the Egypt Phone Number tools that could have the greatest benefits to optimize the strategy in a foreign country where, either because of the country’s policies or simply because of consumer habits, the relevance of digital platforms varies. .-Adapts its properties but works as a team.

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