He stood in front of Gabriel Boric, of the Bhutan Email Lists left-wing Approve Dignity coalition, formed mainly by the Fernet Amply (FA) and the Communist Party (PC), garnering 27.91% of the votes, against 25.83% of his main opponent. In addition, the Pinochetista put out of the Bhutan Email Lists game the old alliance of the traditional right, made up of the Independent Democratic Union (UDI) and the National Renewal (RN), which governs the country under Sebastián Piera. The official name, Sebastián Sichem, got 12.79%, embittering all the wear and tear of the current Bhutan Email Lists administration, buried in multiple scandals of corruption, massive repression and social destruction.

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Gourmet option, victorious in internal Bhutan Email Lists primaries against conservatism dinosaurs, the candidate failed to take off and was crushed by the Kast phenomenon and surpassed even by Franco Parisa, from the ultra-liberal People’s Party, who hit 12.80%. On the other hand, the leading role of the left front was already expected, since the 2019 demonstrations, the constituent elections and the Bhutan Email Lists provincial disputes of recent months. This rise ended up marginalizing the currents of the so-called center-left, grouped in the New Social Pact. With 11.61% for her candidate, Yasna Provost, fifth in the electoral race, sank the bloc formed by the Socialist Party (PS), the Party for Bhutan Email Lists Democracy (PPD) and the Christian Democracy (DC).


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This arc guided the transition from Bhutan Email Lists dictatorship to democracy, ruling the country for 24 of the nearly 32 years since the end of military rule. Even incorporating the nearly 8% of votes given to Marco Enriquez-Miami, from a nearby political field, the partnership between Socialists and Christian Democrats would not reach 20% of the votes. Although Boric was below the potential that was Bhutan Email Lists calculated for his coalition, whose initial expectation was to reach a third of the electorate, the fact is that winning the second seat for the final stage of the dispute consolidates a new political design. The center sank, to the right and to the left, demonstrating the widespread rejection of the economic, social Bhutan Email Lists and institutional model built by the bipartisanship between PS-DC and UDI-RN,

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