The social crisis had already begun with Nigerian Email Database the financial strangulation of the Salvador Allende government and had deepened in the lower sectors of society, even during “the miracle.” Following the guidelines of the Chicago Boys, Pinochet will privatize education, health Nigerian Email Database and pensions. GDP will plummet 13 percent and industrial production 28 percent. Unemployment will skyrocket. Once again, Chile will receive tsunamis of economic and financial aid from the north. After denying them to the Allende government, the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank will help the friendly dictatorship with 3.1 billion dollars.[2] The economy Nigerian Email Database will recover in 1981, but a year later it will fall back into another crisis that will be expanded by other military dictatorships in the region.

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In Uruguay it will be Nigerian Email Database called the “break of the board”, when the dollar shoots up to ruin thousands of minor entrepreneurs. As a solution, the IMF and armies of specialists will propose more of the same. In Latin America (caused by an unpayable foreign debt, inherited from excessive loans to friendly dictatorships with fluctuating interest rates) only Nigerian Email Database between 1985 and 1992 more than two thousand industries and public companies will be put up for auction with a predictable result of prosperity : the minimum wage will plummet and the number of billionaires will multiply several times. In Bolivia, between 1995 and 1996 his government, aligned with Nigerian Email Database the assault, will come to the vultures its main companies at the price of carrion.


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As if losing the sovereignty and the Nigerian Email Database income of these companies had not been enough, the new and successful private entrepreneurs, who do everything better for the progress of the country, will increase the rates of basic inputs, such as water, up to 200 percent . In Argentina and other countries in the region, Upon their return from Professor Milton Friedman’s first trip to Chile, University of Nigerian Email Database Chicago students, members of the Spartacus group, organize a protest for their collaboration with the Pinochet dictatorship. Naturally, students are accused of being immature and Marxist. Professor Friedman defends his friendship with Pinochet with a colorful argument that provokes Nigerian Email Database laughter that echoes throughout the university campus:

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