Mexico d.F.- according to a study conducted by iab Mexico. 9 out of 10 Mexican internet users carry their mobile devices with. Them all the time related notes: social networks Pandora’s box. Second reflection ‘free wifi’ in exchange for your password on social networks. The new phishing attacks half of young Spanish people have been. Dependent on social networks at some time users are becoming more familiar. With the digital world every day since on average they carry. Out 8 daily activities as their main engine is social networks with 88 percent. Followed by email with 80 percent and the use of search engines. With a 73 percent frequency these figures show that currently it is essential for companies. To have a presence in digital media. That is why we give you 5 simple reasons so that. Your brand does not lose its place in the market.

A Life Well Lived: the Flight of the Syrian Video Game Developer

1. Promotion it is a way of making your company known as well as using. This medium to advertise it so that the Cuba B2b List scope is greater through. A tailored strategy 2. Service offering services through social networks generates. Customer engagement gives them a better experience and therefore. Triggers word of mouth advertising 3. Analysis by this means. The profile of the consumer and the target market can be detected. Know what their preferences and needs are.

Thus Provide Services and/or Products That Are More Appropriate

Cuba B2b List

To their requirements. 4. Communication Direct and one-on-one treatment is optimized, so that response times are better. Social networks simplify communication channels and allow a more personalized treatment with the client. 5. Feedback In this way you can know, not only what the consumer’s tastes are, but also that said by their own voice, the audience expresses their feelings, concerns or opinions about what is currently offered.

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