Difficult for a brand to captivate a consumer, because according. To a study conducted by ketchum global research. Women between 25 and 54 years old are multi-minded. They think 9.5 things in a period of five minutes, which reduces significantly. Their attention to Taiwan Phone Number advertising messages. International. Captivating consumers is increasingly difficult for brands, because. According to a study by ketchum global research, women. Between 25 and 54 years old are multi-minded, that is, they think 9.5 things. In a period of five minutes , which significantly reduces your. Attention to advertising messages. More related notes this is a real woman before fashion. Marketing street marketing campaign teaches women. To Taiwan Phone Number feel beautiful 4 perspectives in women’s purchase decision making.

Women Are the Largest Consumer Segment on the Planet Since 80

Percent of purchasing decisions are based on their preferences. According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), they represent about 49 percent of the Taiwan Phone Number List workforce, whose income is around 11.5 billion dollars . That is why achieving a solid link with this market segment can catapult a brand. This was demonstrated by a study by Insights in Marketing , which revealed the five types of content most shared by women on social networks: 1. Fun content. Entertainment content is very attractive to women, such as: funny phrases, memes , jokes and viral photos. In part, the high degree of propagation observed for this type of content is due to the Taiwan Phone Number preference of this segment. You can use them sparingly in your content strategy.

If You Don’t Abuse Them and They Fulfill Their Only Objective

Taiwan Phone Number List

To entertain.2. Personal experiences. Sharing all kinds of experiences, through videos or personal photographs, is one of the favorite activities of consumers. Brands can take advantage of this preference to Taiwan Phone Number invite users to share their personal experience with a certain product or service and thus build trust, while knowing their opinion about said brand or product.3. New stories. One way to achieve empathy with consumers is to tell stories around a brand or the Taiwan Phone Number use of a product. The success of this resource lies in the originality and creativity displayed by brands to win the hearts of consumers.

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