The day has come from today google will penalize sites that. Do not have mobile friendly versions and they will drop considerably. In the Netherlands Phone Number mobile results lists of the most popular. Search engine in the world. We tell you six things that digital marketing professionals. Should know about this topic. Mexico the day has come, from today google will penalize. Sites that do not have mobile friendly versions and will drop. Considerably in the mobile results lists of the most. Popular search engine in the world. We tell you six things that digital marketing professionals should. Know about this topic. More related notes: google. Is also looking for the loch ness monster how to Netherlands Phone Number find out. Where your phone is using google why is. Whatsapp’s design similar to other google apps? What is it about? With google’s new rules.

Sites Without a Mobile Version Will Lose Positions in the

Results of searches. Carried out through mobile devices such as smartphones. The optimized ones will have a higher place in the lists. Why the new rules? Google estimates that half of the Netherlands Phone Number List  searches carried out are. Made through mobile devices, in apps or in browsers for smartphones. Therefore, it ensures that by penalizing sites that are not mobile-friendly. And giving a better place to those that are, navigation. Will be better for users. What does it affect? The new rules affect only the search rankings. Displayed on mobile devices, it will not change what is seen. On computers and tablets .It affects results in all languages ​​around the Netherlands Phone Number. World and applies to individual pages.

Not Entire Websites Meaning if Only Five Out of Ten Pages Are

Netherlands Phone Number List

Optimized. Only those will be positively impacted. What does it take into account? Among the characteristics that google takes into account. To consider a mobile site friendly are: that the Netherlands Phone Number text can be read without tapping. Or zooming, that the elements with links have the appropriate. Space and that the page avoids content that cannot be reproduced. And horizontal scrolling. What if the Netherlands Phone Number content is relevant? Google claims that its intention is to improve the mobile browsing experience for users. But in case a page not made for those. Devices shows high-quality content, it could still rank well according to search.

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