Drip campaigns are part of Inboud Marketing, an automated set of emails that are launched based on specific deadlines or certain user actions and follow a logical reasoning depending on the user’s interactions with the brand. Drip marketing is basic in inbound marketing, so it is essential for the marketer to know more about it and its types: Of competition. This type focuses on the customers of competitors to try to change.



The product, offering the benefits of the other brand.

Mind positioning. These strategies seek to promote brand recall throughout the Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists sales process. Cómo mantener el contacto con tus compañeros de trabajo mientras trabajas de forma remota. Educational. It focuses on interesting content such as advice and recommendations about the product or the market or some interest in the area.


Promotional. They focus on making contact with

Limited-time promotions and discounts attractive to potential consumers. Of training. Train contacts on how to use the product to help them become active users of the product. Reengagement. They seek to re-generate the interest of contacts who have not been in contact with the brand for a long time.

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