Recently, Instagram revealed that it already has more. Than 800 million users in the world. Which suggests that the company, owned by Facebook. Will easily reach one billion users in 2018. A figure that is due to the fact that it copied. Tools of Snapchat , such as stickers and “Stories”. According to Advertising Week, the platform has helped redefine what it means to launch a business and what relationships with consumers look like . And it is that 80 percent of Instagram users follow accounts of their favorite brands, that is, they do so voluntarily. Since the launch of Business Profiles for brands in 2016, Instagram has been more successful at connecting brands with customers.

With More Than 180 Million Interactions With Businesses

And consumers asking how to connect in September 2017. Now, the company is trying to get into electronic commerce, that is, stop being a communication channel to Buy Hungary Whatsapp Numbers fully enter e-commerce. And Instagram’s plans are not far from reality, since according to eMarketer, so far in 2017, spending on digital advertising amounts to 77 thousand 037 million dollars.

While Advertising Spending on Television Is Only 72 Thousand

Millions of dollars. Instagram is considered the “visual pulse” in. The world of design and marketing. In addition, it is proven that brands like. Starbucks or Samsung have gained 2 million new. followers when they publish a photo that goes viral.

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