For a couple of months a group of activists developed a digital marketing. Campaign in search of promoting that for the first time a woman appears. On one of the American banknotes after several weeks of voting. To choose who will be proposed to replace andrew Jackson on the 20 ticket. Harriet tubman won international for a couple of months a group of activists. Developed a digital marketing campaign seeking to promote that. For the first time a woman appears on one of the us banknotes. After several weeks of voting to choose who will be proposed to replace Andrew. Jackson on the 20 ticket Harriet Tubman won. More related notes: Hillary Clinton announced that she wants to be the first us. President Hillary Clinton’s logo sparks. Controversy on social media Hillary can you be the hero? Us dollar bills only show the image of men.

One Group Wants to Change That and Proposes That a Woman Take

The place of Andrew Jackson in the role of 20 dollars. Through the “women on 20s” campaign, they promoted a poll in digital media. To Armenia B2b List choose who should be the first woman to be on an official. Currency after ten weeks of voting the winner was Harriet Tubman. Who is not well known outside the united states but. Played an important role in history in abolishing slavery in the 19th century. She was in charge of organizing the “Underground railway.

A Clandestine Network to Take Fugitive Slaves Out of the Country

Armenia B2b List

In search of freedom. Why did you choose the 20 bill? According to the official site it is because 2020 will mark the centenary. Of the reform that allowed women the right to vote. The campaign received the largest support to date on Thursday. When the candidate for the us presidency for the democratic party. Announced on her twitter account that she is in favor. Of putting Tubman on the ticket of twenty.

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