A green box a bluescreen chroma key was used for the first time in The Thief of Baghdad, which in 1940 received an Oscar in the category of special effects. Currently, the entire process of replacing the background with another image is largely automatic. It is carried out using editing programs. Greenscreen color Although the color of greenscreen and blue box seems obvious due to the name of the technique, theoretically the background can also have a different color. The most important thing is that the color should be as different from the shade of human skin as possible. It is for this reason that green and blue are most often used, which, as elements of the RGB color space, are the most different from the natural color of the skin.

During film production or shooting

Actors may not wear clothes or use props in the background color. Otherwise, these elements will also disappear during machining. Background-colored Banner Design clothing or items of clothing are used to create an invisibility effect in movies, such as when a character puts on an invisibility cap. In addition to the specific color, it is also important that the background is as uniform as possible. It is not recommended to use shiny elements, materials that reflect light strongly. Also avoid creases and dirt. All disturbances may affect the final effect and require additional processing. Appropriate, even lighting of the scene is also necessary. Shadows, like other distractions, can affect the final image. Too much light is also not recommended.

Banner Design

Excessive lighting can result in Colors pill

Which also requires additional editing in post-production. When to use blue box and when greenscreen? The color of the background used Mailing Data Pro depends largely on the idea of ​​the production. If the actors appearing in front of the camera or camera are dressed in green clothes, bluescreen should be used. When the production calls for blue clothing and props, a green color will be appropriate for the background. The choice between the two colors also depends on the technology used. For an SLR or digital camera, a green screen works better because modern equipment is more sensitive to green. Analog cameras, on the other hand, are more sensitive to shades of blue. When using such equipment, it is better to use a blue box or bluescreen. Computer graphics is a very general name.

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