Although this letter is not recent it does allow us. To study a common phenomenon between the jobs. Professions and new opportunities to. Generate income that the digital age brought with. It such as the profession of a youtuber so it is worth. Taking it up again verbatim even with the. New monetization rules applied by the social network. Becoming a youtuber seems to be a profitable path. It is enough to recognize some of the. Figures that move around latin american. “Youtube celebrities” can give us an idea of ​​what. Can be achieved by uploading videos that are. Attractive to audiences according to information. Published by europa press within the top five of the. Highest paid latin youtubers the mexican. Tuya ranks fifth with a monthly income of 12 thousand. Dollars and although the figure is not negligible it. Remains well below what won by the chilean. Germán garmendia who better known as hola soy. German achieves annual income of 5.5 million dollars.

This Is Demonstrated by the Letter Written by a Mother to Her

Young son who, at just 13 years old, ventured as YouTube and upon receiving his first payments for this work demanded “independence” and “freedom” from his mother. Although this letter is not recent, it does allow us to study a common phenomenon between the Belgium B2b List jobs, professions and new opportunities to generate income that the digital age brought with it, so it is worth taking it up again verbatim. This letter was written by Heidi Johnson for her 13-year-old son and was later shared on social networks where it became viral.

Since You Seem to Have Forgotten That You Are Only 13 and

Belgium B2B List

That I am your mother, and since you refuse to accept control, I think you need a lesson in independence. Since you say that you earn your own money, it will be easier to pay for all the things that I have bought for you before. If you want to use your own lamp, or use the Internet, you have to pay part of its cost  You will also have to take out the garbage on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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