One of the promotional seasons that have quickly gained relevance among Mexican consumers is undoubtedly the Hot Sale. A series of promotions that, in essence, seek to promote online shopping have become a great hook for brands, which in past editions have benefited greatly.
According to a survey by the Picodi site. One of the points that stood out in last year’s. Edition was the increase in sales. By 134 percent compared to what. Was registered during 2016. In fact, during the first day of the event, the Visits to e-commerce sites and stores increased 61.53 percent compared to a normal day.

However, Although for Brands and Retailers the Hot Sale

(held between May 28 and June 1) is a great window and opportunity to improve their sales performance, the reality is that for the consumer, the Buy Nigeria Whatsapp Numbers benefit seems less and less. During the first day of this promotional season. The term HotDays was placed within the topics of conversation on social networks. Said sponsored label added -up to the measured day of Monday- 18 million 595 thousand 944 impressions as well as 7 million 117 thousand 584 accounts reached. The hashtag has been used by brands to give reach to their offers.

However, It Has Also Been Used by Consumers to Denounce

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Bad practices, labeling errors and alleged abuses by companies that claim to offer discounts, which in reality are just movements that do not offer benefit to the final consumer. From a refrigerator that was “reduced”. From “42,199 to 42,199 pesos” to sneakers. That were on sale before the start of the Hot Sale. And are now offered at a higher price. The complaints are diverse.

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