Then, 7 years ago in Paris 2015, when Peru Phone Number List again developing nations – or peripheral to central countries – received carte blanche to continue increasing emissions. And when the moment of crisis arrived in 2021, developing nations – now participating in the multipolar Peru Phone Number List New Silk Road – led by India, China, South Africa and Iran, clearly knew that they could not run their economies without coal and other fossil fuels, let alone grow crops and alleviate poverty. For this reason, the “Agreement” lost support or force. Then, the organizers of the UN accepted the concrete facts and also changed the word “elimination” for ” descending phase ” which ended up Peru Phone Number List destroying the Agreement.

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So now, they can continue to burn all the Peru Phone Number List coal they need, for as long as they want. So what COP26 has really agreed to comes down to meeting again next year 2022. In fact, it was recognized that emissions would continue to increase until 2030. Even the so-called “Third World” demands more and more. The “developing nations” propose that financing for adaptation to climate change Peru Phone Number List be increased, they do not want money for solar panels. They prefer to have it to develop “capacities” to face what the “climate change” of global transnationals “produces” socially and ecologically. At the COP26 meeting in Glasgow-Scotland, we saw the beginning of the end Peru Phone Number List of the UN climate agenda.


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The end of the road or of a discursive strategy of Peru Phone Number List Globalism that legitimized, since the end of 1990, the industrial relocation from the central countries to the peripheral ones of the third world, as a way of manifesting the deployment of Transnational Unipolar Globalism. Redefining the realities and even the way we call it, its conceptualization: from a Central or Developed Country to a Global North Peru Phone Number List and from a Peripheral or Underdeveloped Country to a Global South. But in 2021, 30 years later, in a general international framework where the Strategic Initiative has already passed and is in the “hands” of the Nations that promote the deployment of the Multipolar Pluractional strategy.

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