Placing the country right in the center of the Luxembourg Phone Number List world, of the Multipolar World. That is, the return of the Middle Kingdom. Of course, when observing the geographical-political space of China + Russia + India, this figure of the Middle Kingdom or the Luxembourg Phone Number List Heartland + the Rimland shows its power to be, include and integrate all nations. But particularly neutralize NATO-Globalist first and then include the entire United States, Great Britain and the EU. Already during his first term, Xi managed to print a new framework of political-cultural ideas-force. The Party, as a superior community , should lead the economy towards “the new era”, using mechanisms of regulation and supervision Luxembourg Phone Number List to guide it towards the Common Good of the base community – People .

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Controlling, for example, the parasitic Luxembourg Phone Number List unproductive financial sphere of “shadow banking” or Shadow Banking [7], contain the expansion of public debt, orient credit to productive investment and supervise the extension of credit. Beijing did not take long to Luxembourg Phone Number List intervene in Evergrande in the face of risks in the financial sphere, “without saving or preferentially considering” that there may be banks “too big to fail.” Beijing – Beijing – has thus intensified its efforts to curb heavily indebted real estate developers and aims to move away from a model of economic growth driven by investment and debt.


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The role of the party, in this case, fulfills the Luxembourg Phone Number List functions of the general managerial community that fosters public-private alliances, but not at the expense of the Common Good, controlling private interest to prioritize the objectives and interests of the base community in general. . The Party perfectly understood how the economy under the direction of the State created wealth and a technology that is Luxembourg Phone Number List already superior to that of the Globalist West, whom it is no longer afraid to face, faces and overcomes in more and more chaos, situations and regions. The next step would be to use this wealth to put it at the service of the general renaissance, in the Chinese case, of China.

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