After the success of club de cuervos. Netflix’s first original series in mexico. The company wants to continue taking advantage. Of its popularity and hugo sánchez. One of the most popular characters in the. Production and for this reason they are about. To release their spin-off this publication. Comes in handy for the marketing of la. Balada de hugo sánchez in addition to the fact. That the responses of the people were mostly. Very positive it is worth remembering that. Netflix will put it in its catalog from june 17. Just after the game of mexico vs. Germany at the 2018 world cup in russia. A perfect timing to take advantage of. The euphoria of the world cup and. Who knows in one of those even a decent. Result of the section helps even more. By the technetium of the national team. To go to the world cup a situation that. Generated controversy but equally expectation.

Let Us Remember That the Number 4 of the National Team Is

Considered by many to be the best Mexican. Player in history or at least one of. The three best, his career with Monaco and. Mainly with FC Barcelona. Made him an attractive figure for brands.
However, after his conflict with the Switzerland Whatsapp Number Marketing Lists justice system in both the United States and Mexico, many of his sponsors broke off their relationship with Márquez; Gillette and Nike, the main ones. Even when he returned with the national team, it seems that the brands want to protect themselves, since he trains without the logos of the official sponsors. Something that would be contradictory.

Aalthough It Is Not Official or Confirmed That It Was the

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Sponsors who pressed his return to the national. Representative it is known that his image greatly. Impacts both the attractiveness for advertisers. As well as the image of the team and. Naturally with the engagement with the fans. This applies to the series la balada de hugo. Sánchez the image of the captain of. The national team is one that anyone would like. To have as an ambassador when promoting. Any product related to soccer. And the world cup.

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