The comparison with Cuba is interesting. Distrust in the Sudan Email List government Many unvaccinated people rightly doubt the competence and / or good faith of governments who now want to vaccinate as soon as possible. It is not so incomprehensible. European countries have Sudan Email List been improvising since March 2020. There is no uniformity or logic in policies to attack the COVID-19 pandemic. With similar contagion rates, the measures differ greatly from one country to another. In Belgium, where I live, as in other countries in Europe, improvisation was incomprehensible. The Belgian Sudan Email List government waited until mid-March before taking action.

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That was a month and a half Sudan Email List too late. If they had taken action earlier, the rate of spread would have been much lower and thousands of deaths from COVID-19 would have been prevented. And they don’t seem to learn from their mistakes. The response to each new wave of COVID-19 is late. Although experts had been warning it for years, the Belgian Sudan Email List government was not prepared for a pandemic. At first it said that the masks did not work, because they were not (yet) available due to poor management. Then all of a sudden they became mandatory. In September 2021, measures were relaxed in Belgium with worse figures, while in the Netherlands they tightened with Sudan Email List better figures. How to explain that?


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In Belgium, seven Health Ministers have to Sudan Email List agree to implement a new policy. At the same time, governors and mayors introduce stricter or more permissive regulations and party presidents polish their image at the expense of public health. When that distrust reaches the streets and social networks, the extreme right only has to put the ball upside down. They attract those who are legitimately Sudan Email List unhappy to their side just by showing empathy for their distrust of the government. The goal, of course, is not to demand more democracy for the voiceless. History teaches us why the objective of the extreme right is to hasten the formation of an authoritarian regime that completely leaves these people out and takes to the extreme the exploitation of everything and everyone by the 1%. Anti-COVID-19 measures in many Sudan Email List European countries were and still are in enormous chaos.

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