The steak tartare was delivered by the owner himself, and all you had to do was put it together. It was the time when we started to appreciate the little things again, gave nature the attention it deserves and where we put a heart to the people around us. Although it now seems as if I am sketching a pink cloud from which we all reap the benefits: even then it was of course no cake and egg.

Accom by a Memorandum

In fact, the fear, shock and loneliness may have been many times greater then than it is now. But there was a different vibe in the air, and you could feel it. A pink cloud full of creativity The key words were Italy WhatsApp Number List ‘together’ and ‘making sense’. Instead of doing things alone, we sought each other out (digitally) and fought together for success and its deeper meaning.

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Kindness Accompanied by a Memorandum

Don’t settle for it, but make the best of it and try new things to help each other. That was contagious and that energy, if I may speak for myself, was passed on. We encouraged each other to try new things and look outside your comfort zone. As a result, hobbies were (re)discovered and new revenue models were launched. Inspiration was there for the taking.

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