Internet users in the country amounted to 51.2 million in 2014. Mexico according to a study carried out by the Mexican internet. Association (amipci), the number of internet users in the country rose to 51.2 million. In 2014, 13 percent more than the previous year who day by day. Become more demanding and participatory in brand strategies. Related notes: crowdsourcing: chili, mole and butter 3 tools in spanish. To develop crowdsourcing crowdsourcing: the future of work for an audience. To achieve the desired impact. Crowdsourcing is a trend that has been. Developing with the evolution of the internet, the term as its name says. In english crowd translated as masses and sourcing, source.

It Is Practically New and Is Used to Externalize a Problem

And engage the audience. More than a hobby: the self-made musician This practice consists of spreading a dilemma to a group of people to find a solution, so that the audience becomes part of the process. For example at the Albania B2b List launch of a new product. The question is, why use this model as part of the marketing strategy? To begin with, crowdsourcing facilitates the interaction between the company and the consumer, as well as helping to resolve problems more quickly.

Costs Are Low, Unlike Hiring Someone to Resolve the Conflict.

Albania B2B List

The dynamic is fun because by involving the masses. In the procedure innovative ideas, new strategies, etc. Are obtained as a result, which in return are rewarded as thanks. With gifts products, recognition and in some cases economic incentives are granted. Using crowdsourcing as a strategy helps to define objectives, even enriches the positioning of the brand, by motivating and recommending the public.

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