Growth in internet advertising spend of 31 percent. Mexico d.F.– according to a study carried ouy. By iab mexico and pwc in 2013 a growth in advertising. Investment on the internet of 31 percent was reported. The equivalent of 8 thousand 355 million pesos. Related notes: 4 very poetic commercials. A designer makes a curious version with herself of vandalized. Model ads google ensures that almost half of the ads. On video platforms are never seenthe variety of advertising. Models that exist on the web is increasingly extensive. Which is why brands have begun to use certain trends. Including programmatic buying, which consists of buying automatic. And computerized advertising and works by algorithms that. Relate data to the advertiser its main function is based on real. Time by which the advertiser can measure the number. Of impressions that his advertising. Obtains at the moment which is very promising.

However, there Is Some Confusion About What This Model Can Offer

The brand that is why we give you 3 of the most. Outstanding myths 1. It’s 100 percent automatic in. Further, the digital world nothing not even programmatic. Purchasing is 100 percent automatic since the Panama B2b List human. Factor plays an important role since purchasing strategies. And decisions depend on it. 2. Offer a comprehensive solution even though. It offers multiple benefits and status in real time. It is simply an advertising model.

Which Means That It Is a Complement to the Digital Marketing

Panama B2B List

Strategy nothing works by itself, social networks without a strategy will not offer greater benefits; the same goes for the rest, together they make up a comprehensive plan. 3. Further, the price is low it could be said that the price is not high. If the return on investment is measured however. It is necessary to have a certain amount. Of capital to be able to involve the programmatic. Purchase in the marketing plan.

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