For them thanks to its more than 100 million mobile users and connection to cable. Cell phone and television services the sum of the two companies. Creates a social mobile and advertising monster in 1985 America online was founded. In the united states the company in its first stage embodied. The best example of what a medium should be on the internet. Today 30 years later Verizon bought it for 4.4 billion dollars. The purchase seems like just another piece of news. In the world of digital company mergers; however, it implies an important change in the field. Of mobile content with this purchase a new player. The size of google or face book has been created. According to Verizon 70 percent of internet traffic goes through them. Thanks to its more than 100 million mobile users and connection to cable. Cell phone and television services the sum of the two. Companies creates a social mobile and advertising monster.

One of Sol’s Strengths Is Its Programmatic Advertising

Platform, the size of its digital properties allows them to optimize advertising campaigns for a good number of advertisers, adding this reality to Verizon creates a medium capable of serving the largest advertisers in the world. world. At the moment the company already serves the Kazakhstan B2b List needs of 30,000 advertisers, in its new incarnation the company expects that number to grow significantly. For Facebook, the new Verizon purchase presents a major issue and a major competitor that could jeopardize its mobile and video creation aspirations. The new search formula and change of conditions to brands that historically depended on Mark Zuckerberg’s company to create traffic.

Will Bring Problems to Attract New Advertisers a Brand Can

Kazakhstan B2b List

Appear on the Verizon and AOL platform without the cost of creating content. In short, it will be easier for large advertisers to reach their target audience through advertising campaigns on Verizon/AOL than to spend money with diminishing returns on Facebook. The purchase of AOL represents a return to traditional models in which a medium works as a hinge between a brand and a target audience. One of the important issues is the negotiation with the NFL that Verizon brings to the table, which Facebook is far from achieving, however, Verizon’s position in the market allows it to access media partners faster. It’s interesting to understand that Facebook operates on a lower layer than Verizon in terms of consumer access.

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