By first exchanging with each other how the most important matters stand, you can then determine much more precisely where actions are still Guatemala Phone Number List available for you, what has priority and what is now outdated and you only need to archive it,’ writes Arjan Broere. Out of office laptop. Also handy: a bit of smuggling with your out of office.

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You can choose to say in your out-of-office notification that you will be working a day later than you actually are. That gives you time to catch up, determine your priorities and make a soft landing overall. Or you can only set this out of the office for external parties so that you can be kept up to date internally. What I personally like: turn off all notifications until I’m completely up to date.

Guatemala Phone Number List
Guatemala Phone Number List

You can learn to prioritize This is also the time to set priorities. A nice tool for setting priorities is the Eisenhower matrix (after a former US president). The vertical axis shows how important an activity is, the horizontal axis shows how urgent it is. Eisenhower matrix working smarter. This gives you 4 levels, all of which have a different combination of important and urgent.

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