Creative reuse of content For more impact with almost the same resources or because you combine offline with online. These are 6 examples of special content that I have noticed lately. But I’m sure I missed a lot. So do you have any suggestions for content that is also extraordinary and successful? Put them in the comments! Creating content is an art (anyone can learn) If you want to develop your content skills, the handy Content Creation Training from specialist Vincent Mick might be something for you. During the training, he deals with different content types such as blogs, clogs, info graphics, podcasts and webinars & teaches you how you can touch, entertain, surprise and captivate your existing and new customers with a good story.

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e Curious? Organizations want to show more than just that their products and services are of good quality and well priced. They also want to be relevant to their customers at all times. If you want to offer a good experience as a marketer, access to first-party data is a requirement to get to know the Cameroon Phone Number customer. As part of a sophisticated data strategy, you will collect, analyze, activate and measure data in a smart and privacy-safe way. Let’s see how this is possible and what it yields. What is first party data? First-party data is the collected data about a company’s customers who are owned by the same company.

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Examples of first-party data can include purchase history, loyalty status, and online and offline behavior as part of the customer journey and preferences. Challenges in using first-party data Challenges in using first-party data. Web browsers restrict ad trackers. In addition, stricter privacy laws ensure that marketers can no longer use data from third parties, the so-called third-party data. Therefore, the focus is shifting to first-party data. It takes thinking and technical knowledge to realize the right strategy and an appropriate. Technological infrastructure to really use the power of first-party data.

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