In news that will not sit well with advertisers looking to reach. Consumers’ mobile phones the creators of the ad block plus extension. Have created their own browser that allows you to visit websites. Without seeing ads mexico.- in news that will not sit well. With advertisers looking to reach consumers’ mobile phones. The creators of the ad block plus extension have created their own browser. That allows you to visit websites without seeing ads. More related notes: almost half of young mobile users regularly compare prices. Inside stores mobile commerce will increase by 48% in spain welcome. To per-adolescence… and their mobile phones according to an e marketer report. By 2018 a quarter of the world’s population will have a smartphone. So it is not surprising that advertising on these devices grows considerably. The ab estimates that the increase will be 70 percent by 2017.

But There Are Those Who Want a World Without Ads on Mobile.

The creators of the popular Ad block Plus browser extension. which prevents ads from being displayed when installed on Firefox or Chrome, developed their own browser so that smartphone users can browse without seeing ads. The Trinidad And Tobago B2b List creators of the ad block plus extension have created their own browser. Ad block Browser 1.0 for Android is actually a modification of Firefox for mobiles that prevents ads from being displayed when browsing the Internet. According to Ad block’s official statement.

They Tried to Upload It to the Google Play App Store but Were

Trinidad and Tobago B2B List

Denied the option on the grounds that it “interferes with another service or product.” Therefore, the app, which is in beta and only for Android, has to be downloaded from the developers’ site. It is also mentioned that they are working on an iOS version. The fact that the app is not on Google Play represents a relief for advertisers because that will prevent it from reaching a greater number of people.

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