Great rewards for any company, after all we know. That in countries like mexico internet personalities. Have 74 percent more credibility when. Recommending brands or products. However the growth that this tactic has had makes. It increasingly difficult to find suitable influencers. From various perspectives such as. The economic one therefore figures such as. The micro-influencer become more relevant. Its power of influence can be equal. To or even better than that of a large one. As highlighted by a study by the firm experticity. 82 percent of consumers are more likely to. Act on the recommendations of a micro-influencer. Macro-influencer, they are more profitable. Authentic and the campaigns are easier to execute. Therefore, we share 3 tips that can be of help if you. Decide to work hand in hand with a. Macro-influencer micro-influencer:provides. A platform for content if your work with smaller.

Videos or Images It Is Recommended That You Consider a Good

Space in addition to the one where they. Are placed natively to collect all that. Work and that the easier access for consumers. The Is because being micro-influencers. Their reach is shorter and you may need more. Than one to work with your brand. Having a rendezvous point will improve those ranges. Get creative with content. The Spain Whatsapp Number Marketing Lists generation of campaigns with micro-influencers implies that the work for the generation of content is done in cooperation. The main recommendation is not to limit. Yourself only to what this new partner generates. You should also work hand in hand. With technological tools and the company’s. Own efforts to make the content more effective.

More Diverse and Original Work Promotions Hand in Hand With

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micro-influencers Ultimately, the reason you should consider working with your influencers alongside other promotional campaigns is in the data. As highlighted by a twitter investigation. Influencers can increase the purchase intent up. With a brand campaign the impact. Can be doubled to reach 5.2 times.

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