International for h&m summer begins now and for this reason it has moved ahead. Of the summer season with the launch of a very beachy spot. Shot on the paradisaical beaches of Antigua. Top models Adriana limey dozen kroes Natasha poly and joan smalls wear palmetto. Tans showing off the latest swimwear trends. The marketing campaign shows a hectic day at work. For these supermodels between catwalks and flashes. However, they park their professional commitments to welcome summer. And that is how we see them, emerging from the crystal clear waters. Of a beach with striking bikinis the swimwear they present includes ruffles. Floral prints, black, white or turquoise tones and even hippie airs.

And All This Under an Exceptional Soundtrack by Sebastian

Ingrosso and Axwell who have just presented a new song, “Sun is shining”, specially created for the Swedish fashion firm’s summer campaign. In this almost two-minute spot, the Myanmar B2b List tops surprise with their daring spirit. Adriana Lima enjoys a time of diving in the waters of Antigua and, later, she puts herself in control of a water boat. On her part, Doutzen Kroes boards a helicopter and parachutes into the void to meet her companions.

Joan Smalls Puts Her Foot Down on the Gas on the Open Road,

Myanmar B2b List

while Natasha Poly opts to feel the speed on a motorcycle. The video, which has been posted on YouTube since last week, includes a link directly to H&M’s website for online shopping. So far, it has received 580,000 visits in just five days. Below are the best images from the Summerstartsnow campaign and the advertising piece.

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