China on april 29, the Chinese e-commerce company published a job offer. On its website to find a specialist to motivate programmers. What’s more Alibaba made it clear in its job advertisement that. The ideal candidate would look like Japanese porn star sora aoi. Thus one of the basic requirements to access the position. Would be to have a “good appearance”, since, according to the description. It is not necessary to have extraordinary talent. Since the important thing is to “adequately inspire the programmers”. “you could be an open-minded Lolita like sora aoi someone who can face. The greatest of challenges or you could be like. Song hey-kyo (a korean actress)” indicates.

More Specifically, the Job Offer and She Continues, “from a

Wealthy family and a korean manner someone who possesses feminine beauty. That surpasses nature itself even without makeup countless. Programmers would come after you. As if that weren’t enough the United Arab Emirates B2b List ideal candidate should be available to wake up. Programmers early for morning meetings and “Open to new things. Like tolerating very spicy or garlic-flavored foods. Since its publication, Alibaba has had to face a barrage.

Of Criticism on Social Networks Although, From the Technology

United Arab Emirates B2b List

Giant they have limited themselves to pointing out that, according to the Quartz portal, “their only intention was to do marketing with humor to recruit talent ITEM”. After the controversy, the advertisement has not been withdrawn, although the reference to the porn actress has been removed and, in addition, the offer is now open to both women and men.

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