We haven’t seen a single act from the second semi-final yet. The Netherlands has not yet been in action and is therefore 1-0 behind in terms of fame. Also read: IKEA and its soft serve strategy: what can you learn from this? The Mere Exposure Effect tells us that we prefer what we know. In this case, for example, the Belgians prefer the songs of Lithuania and Sweden. Simply because they’ve heard it before. Psychology also creates discussion There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about voting during the Eurovision Song Contest, because psychology unconsciously plays a major role.

Psychology also creates discussion

We choose our favorite mainly emotionally and unconsciously, rather than rationally and consciously. For example, researchers have previously conclude that we prefer to choose an act that is close to our own culture. We also choose countries that are geographically close or that have Jordan WhatsApp Number List other similarities with us (eg base on religion or language). Probably all for the same reason: we know it or it looks familiar to us. It is also the reason that most countries opt for the English language, because most music in Europe is sung in English.


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There has been a lot of discussion

Professional judges are less impressionable A study by three Dutch professors. Shows that expert jury members are less influence by the shortcuts in our brain. With a jury, a fairer assessment is therefore made and the acts in the final that were. Not yet known also receive their deserve number of points. 5 tips to win the Eurovision Song Contest Suppose you ever want to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, then of course you also want to win.

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