My growth process. I took a pen and paper and drew up a scenario that might work for me, away from the familiar boxes. How do I really want to start working and living? Emma Gannon, author of The Multi-hyphen method (which has since become The Multi-hyphen life ), says the following: ‘Being a multi-hyphenate is about choosing and strategising a plan of attack and having the to take on multiple projects, not being .

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This is about choosing a lifestyle. This is about taking some power back into our own hands.’ According to Gannon, multi-potentials can be found everywhere today, from the marketing manager who also Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List runs an online store, to the part-time employee who practices two (or more) passions a week, to the entrepreneur who runs multiple companies. A multi-hyphenate can not only be a great asset to a company, but can also be very successful as an entrepreneur because of his or her unique characteristics.

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Just think of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey. People who do not recognize themselves in the above do not have to feel abnormal at all. It’s totally okay to have a calling very early and. To be born with the desire to do what you do. It doesn’t have to be both-and, it can also be either-or. Specialists and multipotentials complement each other very well in many sectors and that is powerful. Multi-hyphenates love to work in co-creation and move gracefully. Through the team, they love to learn from the specialists in their field.

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