Account of Beitske de Jong with the following method: she sees houses on Funda that could use a makeover (she is also regularly tipp by real estate agents, ed.). The house is sold, refurbish and later it appears again on Funda for a higher amount. She shares several photos of the house before and after the refurbishment. Always from the same room, so that you can compare well.

Is that as it should be?

She also shares the following information: address of the house old asking price and purchase price, including number of m2 new asking price and number of m2 She may also thank the person who China WhatsApp Number List gave the tip for this specific house. However, the photos are copyright. The photos can be taken by the real estate agent, by the owner of the house or, for example, by a hire photographer.

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Because it is of course

The name is also not mention. There is a good chance that the name of the photographer will not be mention on Funda, so that is understandable. The information provid with the photos is limit. It’s really all about the photos here. These are therefore not supportive of the message, but rather the other way around. Plus, it’s more photos than necessary.

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