In addition to being one of the brands most loved by young people, Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in the world, even eMarketer projected that by 2020, Jeff Bezos’ company will account for 50 percent of e-commerce globally . For this reason, the company has already presented its expansion plans for a long time, among which is to build a second headquarters, where it would employ up to 50 thousand people. For weeks, Amazon has been searching for its second headquarters, from which proposals have arisen from cities in the United States, Canada, Europe, even Mexico , but the company has requirements such as tax incentives, real estate proposals and lower costs.

As well as a city infrastructure that allows you to

Transport your employees, and that is where the options begin to Belize Whatsapp Number Marketing Lists be refined. According to the newspaper, Chicago Tribune. That city offered the “boldest” proposal. That Amazon has had, some offices, a technology center. The bold bet came from real estate developer, Sterling Bay. Who is proposing to create an Amazon infrastructure. Anchored to his “Lincoln Yards” development.

The formal offer from Chicago and real estate developers

For HQ2 includes 10 potential sites. Which through “conceptual” designs propose. To Amazon a network of buildings along the river. near Lincoln Park and Bucktown. As well as floating parks and an urban campus. With two rows of towers. Meanwhile, Amazon has not revealed what decision it will make. But it did reveal that it has already received 238 proposals , but the Chicago proposal is “the most daring” so far , digital media refer, since it includes an old steel plant.

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