Amazon wants you to try out what the products you want to buy would look like in your home. Without the need to physically carry them. We have already talked on several occasions that augmented. Reality (AR) is one of the most powerful trends today and. based on what brands are doing, it seems that this trend will continue. Now Amazon wants you to try out what the products you want to buy would look like in your home. The e-commerce giant has just launched “AR View” , a new feature within its shopping app that allows users to try out how new products might look in their homes before purchasing.

To Manipulate And Place Them In Any Space Or Piece Of Furniture

They want to try it on. Like other augmented reality apps, it uses the smartphone’s camera to project an idea of ​​its dimensions and appearance. The uk fax number directory bad news is that it doesn’t work with any device, since Amazon released “AR View” only for iOS 11 through Apple’s ARKit , that is, it only works with iPhone 6s or higher . The company did not say if there are plans to bring it to Android phones. Undoubtedly, augmented and virtual reality, together, are two of the trends in technology with the most applications today; For the end of this year alone.

It Is Estimated That The Hardware And Software Market Of This

Type will generate revenues of around 6.4 billion dollars, according to data published in Statista. Amazon follows in this way, in the footsteps of the Swedish IKEA that, a few months ago, launched an augmented reality app that aims to make life easier for its users and for them to see how the brand’s furniture looks in their homes. But they are not the only ones, Target has “See It In Your Space” , a function on its online shopping site that allows similar actions to its customers.

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