Amazon’s recorded advertising revenue will reach $1.65 billion, which would mean an annual increase of 48.2 percent.
It is no secret to anyone that Google and Facebook have become masters and lords of digital advertising. In the United States alone – one of the strongest markets in the field. Of advertising and digital communication. These two companies absorb 77 percent of advertising revenue.


More than 70 percent of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising.

The duopoly that figures such as the above propose is an issue that worries both large and outsiders, not only because of the Buy Austria Whatsapp Numbers size of the infrastructures and levels of penetration of the companies in question, but also because of the dominance that these companies now show when dictating the rules that govern the digital environment.


Specialists from all industries are constantly searching

Specialists from all industries are constantly searching for a third player with the capabilities to be an alternative to these two giants, and without looking too far, it seems that they have found a way out that, at least at first glance, is convincing: Amazon .

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