Just like the champion santos “Prophecy” every. In an election year and amlo loses the election. A few days ago we reported that users on social. Networks viralized an alleged relationship between avengers. Infinity war and that santos laguna was crowned. In liga mx the squad did not let this pass and. Joined the trend through its social networks. Generating greater engagement with users than. Through the title itself so the candidate for the. Presidency of mexico josé antonio meade saw the. Same opportunity in coincidences and proclaimed. His victory in the second presidential debate as he. Said:the young ceo: the precocious taxidermist “sunday. Was a good day: we saw strategy substance ideas. A good approach and that is why the santos laguna win. And every time the santos win in. A presidential election the pri wins. After seeing the saints win we. Won the debate!”image: video capture.

This During His Campaign Act in the Comarca Lagunera in Durango

Like the champion Santos “prophecy” every. Time an Avengers movie is released Toluca is. Defeated in an election year and AMLO loses an election. It was in 2006 when Andrés Manuel López Obrador lost the Presidency in the elections against Felipe Calderón Hinojosa. At the Australia B2b Contact List same time, the Devils reached the final against Chivas, who with a global score of 3-2 were crowned and left Toluca as runner-up. History repeated itself in 2012, when they lost to Xolos de Tijuana in the final phase.

In That Same Year Enrique Peña Nieto Became President Over Amlo.

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This year Toluca reached the final of the Closing Tournament, but the victory went to Club Santos Laguna, which is why some have dared to predict the defeat of the Tabascan player. In the end it’s just a coincidence, but in marketing experience dictates that this has an impact on each of the brands. Meade can use the popularity of soccer in his favor, implanting the idea that the Santos championship will lead to victory and surely there will be social strata that believe it.

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