All this has put the most reactionary Australia Phone Number List forces of the oligarchic establishment on the defensive. The latest report on the massacre of young people in Bogotá between September 9 and 10, 2020 , is an example. The “multi-gang” strategy And that’s where the “multi-gang” strategy comes into play. Faced with the weakening of their “historical” parties (liberal and conservative) and the moral bankruptcy of the “new” (The “U”, Radical Australia Phone Number List Change, Democratic Center), and facing the challenge that Petrol and the Historical Pact have set them, They have no other way than to build “other alternatives”, which assume the form of a “coalition” but which in reality is a Australia Phone Number List simple summation of characters without a party or with parties “rehabilitated and revived” for the occasion (New Liberalism, Green Oxygen).

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Faced with the implosion of the Aliana Verde, the null Australia Phone Number List growth of Compromise Caudatan and the wear and tear of Sergio Fajardo, the cadres closest to Juan Manuel Santos (De la Calle, Cristo) with the help of Ingrid Betancourt invent the candidacy of Alejandro Gaviria , and they attract to this “new political center” the Galan brothers and other characters, who have tried to maintain an image of being Australia Phone Number List unpolluted and not corrupt, but who have always been errand and courtiers of the Colombian oligarchy. In these circumstances, the small group called “Dignity” to which the Moir was reduced and a few other allies that they had within the PDA, have had to accommodate themselves in Australia Phone Number List said “coalition”, placing their accumulated hatred and resentment before their political action.


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Petrol, renouncing his past of Australia Phone Number List independence and “worker” representation, turning the slogan of “defense of national production” into “alliance with the financial oligarchy.” This “gang” has shown in all its actions and pronouncements that its central objective is “to defeat Petro.” Faced with the real and effective change proposed by the Historical Pact based on the “democratization of the land, credit, knowledge and wealth”, the “industrialization of the Australia Phone Number List productive apparatus” and “the change of the energy matrix to stop depending on the fossil fuels ”, the Centro Esperanza coalition dares to suggest that“ changes have to be moderate ”, that“ we Australia Phone Number List cannot leap into the void ”, and that Petrol is a populist and demagogue.

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