Today the candidate ricardo anaya is a trend because. He used magazine covers to illustrate his opinions and. Accusations but one of them was. Edited with photoshop yesterday we reported that. The magazine proceso became one of the media outlets. With the greatest impact during the second. Presidential debate as it was used as visual support by the. Candidates who resorted to copies of the outlet to support. Their criticism today the candidate ricardo anaya is a trend. Because he used magazine covers to illustrate his opinions. And accusations but one of them was edited. With photoshop to remove the bullet from a note that. Spoke about his campaign team the issue in question is. Number 2156 of february 24, 2018, which reads.

The Anaya Front Also Recruits Black Chips a Headline That Does

Not appear on the cover shown by Anaya during the debate. The journalist of said magazine, Santiago Igartúa, asked Ricardo Anaya why he manipulated his cover as supporting material in the Romania B2b List debate, to which he replied in the first instance that he did not know what he was talking about. My dream job.

Boyfriend for Rent but Igartúa Immediately Explained the

Romania B2B List

Candidate said that:I was simply emphasizing that they better talk about the covers that alluded to themThe video accumulates almost 39 thousand views from the journalist’s profile on Twitter (until the time of publication of this note).

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