Taken this situation into account: normal use of a trademark also includes use of the trademark in a different form, provide that the distinctive character of the trademark is not alter. This prevents you from being oblige to re-register the trademark at the slightest adjustment. The law therefore offers quite some leeway to update the brand. But there is a risk in it, because an excessive makeover can lead to the brand no longer.

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lawsuits are variable. For example, the highest European court once rule on the Specsavers logo that was register as a wordless logo, but was only use in combination with the SPECSAVERS brand. Ultimately, the judge found that the wordless logo could Singapore WhatsApp Number List inde have been use. So quite a wide application. Specsavers logo. A completely different outcome was achieve for Red Bull, which had register the BULL brand – in addition, of course, to many registrations for RED.

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BULL as a stand-alone part, the question was whether. The use of the RED BULL mark constitute genuine use of the BULL mark. But Red Bull got it wrong: adding the RED component change BULL’s distinctiveness. The registration of the BULL trademark was thus declare void. In short, things can go wrong, but if you want to be sure that your trademark remains valid, don’t allow yourself too much freedom with makeovers, or first submit the chang.

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