The company, a native of Cupertino, California, Apple , has been in a legal battle with the chipmaker, Qualcomm , for two years, since the American firm decided to replace chips and start using those of the Intel brand , reason which led to lawsuits for two years. After constant demands, where even Qualcomm came to ask that the manufacture of the iPhone in China be stopped, as well as its importation into the United States . Now it is Apple who announced that it is already designing its next iPhones and iPads without Qualcomm chips.

According to Bloomberg, Apple wants to put an end to the

Dispute between the two companies, in such a way that it qatar email database free has already designed its devices with more chips from Intel Corp, and MediaTek Inc , instead of Qualcomm. That announcement knocked Qualcomm shares down 8.1 percent. The biggest drop since January 2017. While Apple shares rose 1.2 percent to $168.78 a share. And it is that the company’s chips that were acquired by the Cupertino, California company made up orders of up to 1,075 million dollars a year , so if the merger with Apple ends.

Qualcomm would lose up to 7.5 percent of its sales annual.

However, Apple cannot give up Qualcomm overnight. Because it is too reliant on technology from other chip companies. Coupled with the fact that Intel’s technology does not have. The prestige of Qualcomm, according to Bloomberg. What Apple is looking for is to completely dispense with Qualcomm. Which until now is the largest manufacturer of chips and semi-conductors for mobile devices.

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