The artist But we ourselves know that art is not the ideal way to have fun if by this word we also mean a relaxation a rest of the mind a calmness of the senses. Art on the contrary rather tires us troubles us requires active presence in fact at a time when entertainment tends towards passive presence and if art indulges it does so not only through the senses but mainly through the spirit. Even the serious artist wants and needs entertainment in his life and he knows that art will not usually provide it. The boundaries are again indiscernible. And for the sake of better clarity of the different positions it is advisable to choose.

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Perceived and not examples that move on the border between the two activities. It is useless and ultimately tiresome to keep repeating that all the abstract distinctions in life which are the most important ones have thankfully vague boundaries. Even science in its advanced Illustrator Art Work concepts avoids absolute definitions. Only the Law and not the Law must have clear boundaries and that is why it is unfortunately often unfair. REPRESENTATION AND REMOVAL One of the great confusions that art causes to the general public is based on the belief that art exists to skillfully represent reality. The spread of nonrepresentational painting was not enough to eradicate this perception. The scene of a motion picture which realistically represents an event that the spectator has experienced elevates the director in his estimation just as the absolutely realistic performance of a theater actor is particularly valued.

Illustrator Art Work

Art according to this established

View must speak of life by copying it with high fidelity. The artist is nothing more than a master of representation. The work of art is nothing more than a doll’s house Mailing Data Pro the verisimilitude of its furnishings engenders admiration. However art and this is not easy to perceive  points based on which it will reduce its observation to a new creation. This is roughly the misunderstood concept of transcendence. The artistic effect evokes life. It doesn’t work. This is why no work of art is ultimately realistic. Even if it adopts a naturalistic form. The method to achieve this transcendence is subtraction. That is the reduction of the form to that limit where the remaining points the details are freed from the role they hold in the real world to adopt the new role attributed to them by the creator.

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