YouTube continues to celebrate its 10th anniversary and now wants. People to choose the best commercials of the last decade but the service. Only allows you to vote for a selection of 20 ads were there no better ones? International.- you tube continues to celebrate its tenth anniversary and now wants. People to choose which are the best commercials of the last decade. But the service only allows you to vote for a selection of 20 ads. Were there no better ones? Related notes: you tube changes font. Did you notice? Kit Kat will be called ‘you tube break’ in this limited edition site of the day. Tube chop crop you tube videos wanting to define which are the best commercials. Of recent years will always cause discussions among creatives. Marketers and the general public there are some references that help us decide. Such as the awards that festivals such as Cannes lions the Effie.

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Best of all Last year four of the ten most viewed videos on YouTube were commercials, so the importance of the platform to advertisers is not unknown. Now, the Google-owned company has put out a list for people to vote for the Barbados B2b List best commercials of the decade. YouTube’s list shows only twenty commercials, so obviously many were left out of the possibility of being voted as the best, but it’s still a good exercise to know which are the people’s favorites. The list of commercials for voting on YouTube Levi Strauss.

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To Tell When Your Breath Stinks Evian – Evian Roller Babies international introversion. The T-Mobile Dance Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Toyota Sienna. Dear Kitten To vote you have to go to the official site, register with your Google or Facebook credentials and choose those that are considered the best three commercials from the limited list that is limited to twenty ads.

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