Bas Verhoeven already discusses 6 important routes you can take if you want to change your business model. Business model shifts has also been nominated for this year’s PIM Marketing Literature Prize. 10. Real entrepreneurship Mind your own business! – Charlotte Meanders Real business cover. You want a stable, healthy company and honest business, a good relationship with your customers and deliver work that you are proud of.

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Shares tips and experiences to achieve this in this book. It gives you the information to make the right choices for yourself. Kim Pot is enthusiastic in her review (in which she immediately gives tips on how to get rid of k*t customers): ‘I can be very brief Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List about this: every entrepreneur, whether starting or experienced, needs the book Real Entrepreneurship . Finally, a book that doesn’t tell you how to do it, but gives you the right information to make choices that lead



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With this book you have legal information at your fingertips that can be understood, so that you can make laws and regulations work for you.’ 11. Time saving – Ready every day at 3 p.m. From busy to productive and more calm – Björn Defusing’s Ready book cover every day at 3 pm. Finishing work every day at 3:00 PM… is that too good to be true? With this book, Björn teaches you to work more effectively, so that you can save time. Students report saving 2 hours with the 7 tips for productivity and focus.

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