Frank: “It is important for marketers to be flexible and to keep abreast of all developments. Because developments follow so quickly, it is dangerous to develop a fixed solution that is not flexible. You must be able to adjust your strategy at all times to Malaysia Phone Number List the updates from Google and Apple. So read the latest news every week so that you can work on fine-tuning.

New Customers your solution in time

Steps that marketers can already take this year are, for example, investing in a good tracking structure in your website by using Google Tag Manager, example. You can then use Google Consent Mode, among other things, and you are more flexible in maintaining your cookie banner. Also get started with GA4 (Google Analytics 4, ed.), because this is the platform where Google will add.

Malaysia Phone Number List
Malaysia Phone Number List

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New Analytics functions, also in the field of cookies. Server-side tagging (SST) is a good development with which you can give first-party cookies a longer lifespan, provided you respect the given privacy consent of your visitor. This is especially important for analytics tools you use, which will provide a better understanding of visitor behavior.

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