Recently, Instagram revealed that it has more than 800 million users, which suggests that the social network will reach one billion by 2018 , in addition to being an essential platform for any marketer or photographer. Data from Instagram Pods show that Instagram is copying some of Facebook’s functions by copying the feed model , that is, the social network will choose to show the photos that users are most interested in. 70 percent of users miss daytime posts, due to the number of posts they miss . Like Facebook, the more likes or the comments the publication receives.


The Better Positioned It Will Be, Since It Is Possible to

“hack” the Instagram algorithm and improve engagement on Instagram accounts. And it is that the Buy Georgia Whatsapp Numbers groups of interactions that become a trend are usually publications that have to do with brands, marketing, influencers, who send “signals” about what is trending and what the algorithm should show people who have similar tastes. The aspects to take into account is that you can create.  A “network” of users, friends, acquaintances, brands.

Who Have Similar Tastes or Similar Products, So That They

Identify trends to copy some elements of those publications that are trending , since the real-time interaction generates an engagement ditto. Meanwhile, Instagram has an exclusive staff of 20 people who interact and look for trends and strengthen them. Also, most brands prefer to join conversations than integrate extra elements.

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