Digital commerce must be part of a digital marketing. Strategy today because the platforms available. In the cyber world work as a tool. That drives the way in which e-commerce. Can be done, either because of the scope. It can reach and for its strong expansion. Of consumption that it generates in digital customers. According to data from IAB Mexico, 71.5 million Mexicans are Internet users, which is equivalent to 60 percent of the country’s total population. This shows that the projection in the use of smartphones has changed the dynamics of consumption by marketers and what Mexican Internet users do.


Who Already Use the Internet for a Long Time in Their Day to

The same report indicates that at least 66 percent of users have made an online transaction. So, if you already have a digital store, all you need to do is highlight the basic components of the Buy El Salvador Whatsapp Numbers website or business platform that will project it for its usefulness and ease of use. By having better distribution, visibility will increase the probability that your visitors will become buyers.


These Are 5 Elements That You Must Take Into Account So That

search. If people can’t find what they need on your website. They are likely to leave without buying anything from your online store . The search must be easily visible, it includes filters that allow people to search by categories.

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